They represent circular seals of the keratin layer of the epidermis of the skin, which appear after a continuous friction or pressure. Women experience calluses more frequently than men, because they wear narrow and uncomfortable shoes, shoes with high heels, and firmly-tight socks and tights.

There are two types of calluses – wet and hard calluses. The wet calluses usually heal themselves without treatment for a short period of time, but the hard calluses require taking measures in order to deal with them. Sometimes, they can exist for years, causing pain all the time during walking or other pressure on that area of the skin.

In practice, the dry callus is a skin reaction towards continuous damaging effects. That is the area on which the main load of the body weight falls during walking, and the skin there experiences constant deficiency of blood circulation. The pressure and the friction stimulate the creation of additional keratin, so that the skin can handle the experienced stress. As a result of that, the callus is formed, which causes discomfort and pain. In addition, it also has an unaesthetic appearance.

In order to avoid the appearance of calluses, it is essential to take care of your feet in the same way as you do with your hands and face.



  • Wear shoes with softer insoles or soft socks. The shoes must allow the entire body weight to be distributed evenly on the feet. In order words, they have to be with flat sole.
  • Make sure you keep your socks clean.
  • In the course of a week, massage your feet before going to bed, using special callus cream.

It is highly recommended to have a relaxing wash tub before the massage and to clean with pumice stone the rough areas on the feet.

Callus Intensive Cream